Energy 3000 is an energy efficient, resource saving, ecologically pure and nontoxic solution aimed at restoration and maintenance of vital functions of engines. This advanced achievement of tribochemical science is a synthetic liquid chemical composed of ash free organic combination of liquid carbohydrates of aliphatic and aromatic structures. Energy 3000 solutions do not contain organometallic compounds, completely dissolve in oil and fuel and do not freeze at temperature of even -76 F. These attributes prevent Energy 3000 products from crystallizing at extreme temperature conditions of power settings, and prevent blockage and litter of oil filters and system of greasing, insure no adverse effect on stuffing-boxes, caps and others rubber-containing components.

Since Energy 3000 works on both key elements of the engine’s main system - “fuel” and “oil”, the solution is comprised of two main components:

First is the “fuel” component, which is poured in a fuel tank (preferably full), where from the very first seconds it carries out general cleaning of the engine, starting from the fuel tank. The entire fuel system of the engine (carburetor, injectors, spark-plugs, and fuel equipment of a diesel engine) is washed and all surfaces of the combustion chamber, valves and piston rings are completely cleared from foreign substances. Thus, the “fuel" component, creates a protective anti-oxidizing, corrosion-preventing layer on the fuel system surface (in the fuel tank, carburetor, injectors, burners, etc.) ensuring on-going operational cleanliness and reliability of the entire system.

The “fuel” component of “Energy 3000” not only cleans and protects surfaces of the engine's fuel system, moreover it controls the burning processes in its combustion chamber, intensively burns all byproducts of cleaning, improves process of burning of any fuel and considerably (up to 70 %) reduces exhaust and toxicity. Thus, after introduction of the "fuel" component, even if speed of fuel combustion increases, the maximal pressure of a running cycle in the engine does not grow, and even decreases. This amazing result is due to improvement of such factors as higher surplus of air and longer induction period. European laboratory supervised engine tests have shown reduction of maximal temperature of gas, temperatures of used gases, and improved thermal condition of parts. Introduction of “Energy 3000” results in "softer" and more economical running of the engine. In addition, reduction of mechanical and thermal pressure makes engine’s work more reliable.

“Energy 3000” second solution is the "oil" component. It is added to motor oil in the engine's crankcase. Due to action of “Energy 3000” "oil" component a creative tribochemical synthesis occurs in the engine. Special research, carried out by the Automotive Research Laboratories in the State Technical University of St.-Petersburg, Russia has shown, that the “Energy 3000”, using its own active components and wear debris, takes root at a molecular level into "soft" materials of tribological pairs, thus creating a special protective wear-preventing layer, followed by a subsequent gradual reduction in abrasion and friction of surfaces of cylinder liners, piston rings, crankshaft journal and other parts of the engine.

On the surfaces of friction occurs a "healing" process of all micro defects left from engine’s previous work. On cylinder and piston rings surfaces of friction, a homogeneous "cellular" oil-retaining structure is created. With introduction of the “Energy 3000”, a considerable (up to 70 %) reduction of parameters of roughness of the engine's piston rings and working cylinder surface is observed.

Special research carried out on both gas and diesel automobile engines, has shown that “Energy 3000” “oil” component has enormous positive impact on the engine’s tribological parameters. Introduction of “Energy 3000” solution results in reduction of mechanical losses of up to 60%, and reduction of intensity of wear process up to 35%. The improvement of the engine's tribological parameters together with cleaning of cylinder/piston group, restoration and improved burn-in of working cylinder and piston rings surfaces all contribute to compression rise and alignment in cylinders, thereby increasing the engine’s power and economy. "Soft" and improved process of burning of fuel together with presence of special protective wear preventing layer on working surfaces of the stitches-in of bearings and trunk-piston considerably (up to 2 times) reduces noise level of the engine.

Simultaneous introduction in oil ("oil" component) and fuel ("fuel" component) of “Energy 3000” during 20 thousand mile run of the automobile provides the engine with the vehicle with a number of benefits:

• The wear proof effect is realized, that is the cylinder/piston group and bearings of the engine are being restored and protected from wear process, in particular at work on variable and forced modes
• Compression in cylinders is restored, the engine's performance on low octane number and low-grade fuels is improved
• Economy of fuel of up to 15 % is achieved
• Toxicity of exhaust is reduced up to 40 %, preventing appearance of soot and heavy metals in exhaust gases
• The bearings of the gas turbo compressor are protected during start-up and shutdown of the engine
• The start-up of the engine is facilitated even at -22 F and the engine's performance is improved in conditions of high dust content and high temperatures
• Noise level of the engine is decreased 1.5 - 2 times.

Introduction of the “Energy 3000” product does not necessarily require replacement of used oil and oil filter. Each replacement of used oil does not require renewed introduction of “Energy 3000”. This is due to the fact that oil and fuel are not required as its constant carriers. Once entered in interaction, “Energy 3000” settles itself on parts of cylinder/piston group of the engine's fuel and oil systems, and on bearings of its crank mechanism. Providing the above-mentioned effects during 20 thousand miles of run, the unique features of “Energy 3000” do not however depend on properties and composition of oils and fuels. Special research carried out in laboratory tests, has shown complete compatibility of “Energy 3000” with additives to most motor oils of leading world firms (such as Castrol GTX, Magnetec SW-40, Shell Helix 5W40, Mobil 5W50, Esso SW40). This property of “Energy 3000” has allowed it to be used effectively in gas and diesel engines of automobiles running either on synthetic or mineral motor oils.

“Energy 3000” prevents the engine from jamming in cases of unexpected loss of oil. At accidental mixing of synthetic and mineral oils, “Energy 3000” prevents oil channels from carbonization, excludes scuffing and slipping of the engine's bearing inserts.

Due to its results, properties and proven test results “Energy 3000”, having a current French patent, was insured in France in January 12 2001 by the ALLIANZ ASSURANCES AGF insurance company. Now the additive is widely spread in the EU countries and at present is being patented in USA, Switzerland, and Russia.

“Energy 3000” products are produced and bottled in France in specially designed packing (metal flasks with safety valves). All declared unique properties of the “Energy 3000” are confirmed by long practice of exploitation around the world and special researches on motor test benches of leading international scientific centers.

“Energy 3000” – The Technology of the Future available to you TODAY.


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