"After I poured in these Energy 3000 products all the problems disappeared….

Dear Energy 3000,

I'm writing this letter to tell you what a huge improvement Energy 3000 product have made in my car.

I came across Energy 3000 products a few months ago, and quite frankly I was very skeptical and wasn't expecting anything as amazing as your ads suggested. Approximately four weeks ago Check Engine indicator went on in my Audi A4 with manual transmission and the engine began trembling and losing power at low gear. I called Audi dealership and got estimate from them of about $150 to $200 just to inspect the car and run some diagnostic tests. Then I decided to use Energy 3000 Injector Cleaner and Energy 3000 Fuel Treatment since it was more practical and less expansive alternative to what the dealership had been offering.

A few days later after I poured in these Energy 3000 products all the problems disappeared; the Check Engine indicator turned itself off and has not been bothering me since. It is amazing! My car is running like new again. Thanks for the products that actually work. I would recommend everyone to look into Energy 3000 solutions for your vehicle before you seek help from any dealership. "

- Gary Teleshevsky, Needham, MA

"Give your car a chance to serve you longer and help it operate at its peak in any environment….

I bought your products - Energy 3000 Kit, Automatic Transmission and Deferential Treatments a few months ago. I applied them to my 5 year old Ford Crown Victoria taxicab with 280,000 miles and now, after putting another 8,000 miles on the car, I'm certain that these products actually work. The engine power has been restored, the car accelerates better, and runs cooler, quieter and smoother. Transmission is also shifting quieter and smoother. The idle RPM is more stable - the car was shaking and vibrating before. The differential gears are working much quieter.

With the summer season coming, I have been concerned about the hard work for the engine in my Ford Crown Victoria. With hot weather, humidity, traffic on city streets and highways, the sun heating up the hood to very high temperatures, the heavy loads of passengers and their luggage and the car's air conditioning puts the engine into very stressful mode. I have been looking for anything to help my car overcome these extreme operating conditions and to perform at its peak. After using Energy 3000 products - I realized that not only have they helped me now with specific things like increasing my engine power and stabilizing the RPM, but that they will also help my car to operate at its best during the tough summer months.

Until recently, I was also planning to replace my current vehicle in a few months - but now I think it has more time left. I've already recommended Energy 3000 to my fellow taxi drivers in Boston telling them that I have been skeptical myself of such things, and tried many without positive results until I used Energy 3000 products. With my next car, I will not wait until I get it to high mileage and will start using Energy 3000 rite away."

- Michael Rabkin, Boston, MA

"Our company owns a fleet of 90 cars. Our greatest concerns in the business are customer satisfaction, operating expense, the maintenance process and cost for the fleet. We were introduced to the ENERGY 3000 products and decided to test the automobile treatments in a couple of our cars.

Our main goals for use of this product were to insure that our fleet cars work well on the road, and if they have any issues – like low oil for example – that the engine keeps operating in these extreme conditions with less or no damage until we are able to take care of any emergency maintenance. Of course, we were also interested in reducing the overall cost of maintenance of our fleet cars.

The products were tested by our mechanics initially on three of our fleet cars. The first vehicle was recently having some transmission problems (gears were slipping and some noise was generated by the automatic transmission of this vehicle). Two other cars were our normal fleet cars.

Our results were very impressive – the car with transmission issues seemed to respond to this Energy3000 Transmission Treatment almost immediately after initial use. The noise was simply gone, and the transmission slippage seemed to also disappear. It has been over 30 days since this application, and this vehicle has been through more then another 1200 miles of fleet use during that time – and the transmission is still working without any issues.

After the application of Energy3000 Automobile Kit to the second fleet car, our maintenance mechanics have reported that the vehicle was operating with what seemed like extra power and that the engine was working quieter then before the treatment – exactly as the products claimed.

We have been also happy with the results of our test on the third car, which proves that ENERGY 3000 increases gas mileage and are now looking to expand the use of ENERGY 3000 products to the rest of our fleet to ensure on-going trouble free operation and vehicles' reliability.

- American Rent A Car Co., Wakefield, MA

"This would have never happened without ENERGY 3000... Here is what I mean:

Occasionally I have to drive up to 220 miles (of mostly highway driving) to visit my daughter at her college. For my 1993 Honda "Accord" this trip usually takes 11-11.5 gallons of fuel.

Before starting my last trip, I filled up my gas tank and poured into it ENERGY 3000 Fuel Treatment – a special engine treatment which claimed to “clean combustion chamber, reduce CO as emissions and restore fuel efficiency”.

To my surprise the claims turned out to be true – on this trip my car consumed just a little over 8.5 gallons (a 20% reduction). I also noticed that my usually thick exhaust smoke disappeared along with that awful “rotten egg” smell.

After this trip I also applied ENERGY 3000 Oil and Transmission Treatment products. Just like my results with the fuel ingredient I have noticed a difference - my car has been running quieter, and I am now convinced that these products are real power for a healthy engine."

- Kim Levin, Brookline, MA

“Energy 3000” – The Technology of the Future available to you TODAY.


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